James Snow
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James Snow
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Manchester, England, UK
In Australia...
...on a family holiday
On the plane...
On the island...
...crashed on Oceanic 815
Family members
Robert Stark - Father
Alexis Snow - Mother
Jude Stark - Step-Mother
Vincent Stark - Half Brother


James Snow is a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815.


Early LifeEdit

James was born in Manchester, England in 1977. Shortly after birth, his mother, Alexis Snow died from complications. Under request of his mother, James was given to his biological father, Robert Stark, whom did not know he existed. At first, Robert was reluctant to share the news of James with his current wife, Jude Stark, but after deciding it'd be best for James, he gathered the courage to tell her. After finding out, Jude became very angry and yelled at Robert, upsetting James. When Robert asked her to calm down, she became even more angry that he was asking her to respect a "bastard child". After finally calming down, Jude told Robert she refused for James to share her name, so he had to be named after his "whore mother", naming him "Snow". Weeks later, whilst under the care of Jude, she purposefully scratched his cheek with her nail, causing him to cry. ("The Bastard")

Season 1Edit