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Alexis Snow
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24 (at time of death)
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England, UK
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James Snow - Son
Robert Stark - Ex-Lover


Alexis Snow is the mother of James Snow; a child she gave birth to after having an affair with Robert Stark.


Early LifeEdit

Alexis was born and raised in England, The United Kingdom. Whilst in her twenties, she met a young man named Robert Stark, whom she met on multiple occasions and had sexual intercourse with. She eventually fell pregnant with his child, but kept this a secret from him. However, before giving birth, she told the hospital that if anything should happen to her then they must contact Robert and tell him about their child.

When delivery day arrived, Alex was taken to her local hospital as she went into labor. She was in labor for a few hours, afterwards she gave birth to a healthy boy. However, as she was given her baby by the midwife, she began to feel pains and then she noticed an unusual amount of blood. This alarmed the doctors and they rushed around to find some help. She collapsed soon after, and later died due to her complications. ("The Bastard")

Post DeathEdit

As she wished, the hospital contacted the biological father of her child, Robert Stark. He took the news hard at first and struggled to gather the courage to tell his wife, Jude Stark, the truth. However, after realizing the child needs to be with its family, he gathered the strength to tell Jude. After finding out, Jude angrily forbade Robert from naming the child "Stark" and demanded it be named after its "whore mother", "Snow". ("The Bastard")